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Whereas AT&T’s move to tiered smartphone data pricing signaled “the end of unlimited” to some, Sprint subsidiary Virgin Mobile USA has just defied that notion with an all-you-can-eat broadband buffet priced at $40 per month. First reported by IntoMobile and confirmed today on the carrier’s Facebook page, the plan will replace existing $20, $40 and $60 monthly offerings that currently top out at just 5GB, so only those accustomed to paying $20 a month (for 300MB) won’t get a totally sweet deal. As you can see above, the $10 for 100MB over 10 days plan will still stay pat, so you can still choose whether to sip or gulp down Sprint network packets when the plans purportedly go into effect on August 24th.


We’d previously heard some nasty rumors that Apple appeared to be delaying iPad shipments until June 7, ostensibly to prevent a bum rush of people grandfathering into AT&T’s $30 unlimited dead-plan-walking. Whether that’s really what was going on, we may never know — but the carrier’s making things right today by saying that it’ll let anyone ordering an iPad prior to June 7 get in on the $30 plan whether they’ve received their unit or not (and let’s be honest, if you order now, you’re definitely not getting it by Monday). When asked for an exact cutoff time, AT&T told us that you can push it all the way to 11:59PM on the 6th, so procrastinate all you want, you… procrastinator, you.