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When we first caught wind of Fring a while back, Skype compatibility was the draw, but as the years progressed and Fring grew some, the VoIP services didn’t exactly get along. Today, the company’s taking matters into its own hands with the not-so-subtly named FringOut, which appears to provide even cheaper calls to landlines and mobile phones than its powerful namesake. Starting on Nokia’s S60 platform and “coming soon” to Android and iPhone, FringOut’s promising as-low-as one-cent-a-minute calls


Fring received a minor update today, which should address many user reported issues, but it appears the feud with Skype is still going strong.  Some of the updates include:

  • “Significant” audio improvements
  • The echoing is fixed (fixed, fixed)
  • Supports new Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy S using the front camera
  • Many more bugs fixes

Seeing support for new devices is great, and we always love to see bug fixes and better quality, but please Fring and Skype, bury the hatchet and work together, video calling is so much more viable when it can be used with a cross-platform desktop program.

Plenty of other VoIP apps have managed to work in this functionality since Apple / AT&T started allowing it last year, but the official Skype app has been a notable holdout. Now, two months after Skype started doing 3G calls on Android with Verizon, there’s a 2.0 version of the app for iPhone that brings voice calls over 3G at last. Mobile iPhone calls are free until August, after which you’ll need a “mobile subscription.” We’re testing out the app as we write this and it seems to work about as well any other 3G VoIP app we’ve tried: passable, not revolutionary.