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A Motorola support forum response about issues involving Exchange 2003 email problems on the Droid X has actually yielded something far more juicy: an updated window for the Froyo upgrade’s release. Promised since the phone’s initial launch, Moto’s now saying that the new build is “scheduled for deployment by early September,” so barring a miracle, we can probably toss out those dreams of getting it by late August — and we can certainly forget the rumors that it had already started going out. Clearly we’d like it sooner rather than later, but hey, if they’re hard at work squashing bugs as we speak, more power to ’em — we’re all for stable releases.


Droid X owners are just one click away from a rooted device

If you have been wanting to root your Droid X, but the 21 step process we told you about last weekseemed about 20 steps too difficult then your ship has finally come in.

Yet another Alldroid user, Sil3ntKi113, has built off the work of Birdman and the crew that first rooted the Droid X last week and simplified things down to basically the two big buttons seen above (warning: Windows only at the moment).

Now as I’m guessing making things this easy may entice some of the newer users to root I want to make a couple things clear.

First of all once you are done with this you will be able to install any of the apps you find in the Market or elsewhere that tell you they are for “root users only,” but it does not enable you to switch to CyanogenMod or any other ROM so don’t try it.

One of the other temptations you might face is to delete some of the bloatware that Motorola and Verizon have bestowed on you in their infinite wisdom. There are some things such as City ID, Blockbuster, and Skype that you can kill with impunity, but under no circumstances should you be deleting anything with Blur in its name and for the love of the double rainbow do not delete the Motorola Backup Assistant as you will find yourself with a 4.3″ brick.

With those caveats out of the way, rooting is awesome and if you haven’t tried it before this method is definitely easing you in gently to the shallow end of the pool with the graphical interface and even a one click option for unrooting.

As some people got a little thrown by finding the source link last time I’ll go ahead and say that you can find the file along with a couple other instructions on how to go about getting your root on by either following the source link or this link right here.

Let us know how it goes for you.

droidX bootloader isn't going to blow up

Motorola has come clean about the eFUSE questions, and we’re all relieved to hear the Droid Xwon’t blow up if you try to hack it.  I can imagine that my questions were just a drop in the bucket and Moto had a stack of e-mail that they couldn’t ignore.  They reached out to Engadget with the following, saying (among other things):

“The Droid X and a majority of Android consumer devices on the market today have a secured bootloader. In reference specifically to eFuse, the technology is not loaded with the purpose of preventing a consumer device from functioning, but rather ensuring for the user that the device only runs on updated and tested versions of software. If a device attempts to boot with unapproved software, it will go into recovery mode, and can re-boot once approved software is re-installed.”

The good news is that your shiny new Droid X won’t go boom if you try to hack it.  The bad news is that Motorola has placed another layer of security in an attempt to thwart people from customizing or modifying their Android phone.  One that I’m sure has a big old target on it now — the biggest challenge draws the brightest people 🙂  I hope Moto’s new trick doesn’t work, and that they change their ways in the future, but I’m not expecting it.  In the end, all I really wanted was an official statement from Motorola, and they delivered.  Now it’s up to us to show them the error of their ways. Check out the source for the full quote. [Engadget]

Droid Froyo updates

So the Droid X isn’t launching with Android 2.2. That’s a bummer. And and it’s not going to be available until “late summer.” That’s what we were told at Verizon’s Droid X event, and it’s what Verizon’s saying in the internal document you see above. But the doc also says that the original Droid will get Android 2.2 (and Flash 10.1) sometime in July, which kind of goes against what we (are pretty sure we) heard today — that the Droid and Droid X would get their updates together. But let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, m’kay? We’ll take some Froyo for the Droid just as soon as we can get it. Big props to you know who.