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Whoa, Nelly! Is that a Firefox 4 download button we’re looking at? Why yes… yes it is! We can’t think of a much better way to wrap up one’s workday than by finding out that Mozilla’s own Firefox browser has finally made the official leap to 4.0, with Beta 1 going live for the adoring public today. It’s ready to be sucked down and installed for those with Windows, Linux and OS X-based machines, and the changelog itself is far too lengthy for this space (though it’s linked below for your perusal). You’ll obviously notice an overhauled look hitting you front and center, with a new add-on manager, support for the new WebM format, improved privacy settings and crash protection headlining the “big chart o’ features.” Give ‘er a download and toss your thoughts on the new build down in comments below, cool?

P.S. – Be warned that this may very well not work with your stable of add-ons right away, so we’d keep that stable 3.x.x build installed as a backup!

sourceFirefox (download)The Mozilla BlogChangelog


The world is waiting on Android 2.2 and Flash in order to access the web’s video content, but Skyfire claims you don’t need to wait. Instead, they’re encouraging people to join the 500,000-strong parade of users who have opted for their Android browser.

Skyfire claims that its app renders video faster than Adobe’s Flash 10.1, and does so in a manner that is better on battery life and performance. I feel compelled to point out that Skyfire doesn’t display “true” Flash content; it detects Flash-based video, re-encodes it through HTML5, and then sends to mobile devices for “less buffering, less ’stuttering’” in playback. And to be fair, Flash 10.1 offers more than just video features, like games and tailor-made menu features, that Skyfire does not reach.

However, one can argue that Skyfire’s method is actually better for video consumption. Who cares if video playback is technically not Flash if the final product is smooth, reliable, and consumes less energy? And it’s available now to rather than theoretical dates like “soon” and “this summer.” Check out this video in which Skyfire claims to be superior to Flash.