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It’s called the G2, it’ll run Android, and it’s T-Mobile’s first phone to ride those wannabe-4G HSPA+airwaves. Those are the facts we have. As to the speculation, a previous roadmap leak and T-Mobile’s own reps indicate it’ll be a HTC-built handset set for a September release, while a careful eyeballing of that silhouette leads us to thinking it’s the same device as the purported myTouch HD we’ve been seeingaround here lately. Whatever it is, it’s coming soon!


The nation’s number four carrier is once again pressing ahead with its big HSPA+ expansion, announcing today that speeds of up to 21Mbps (theoretically, of course) will be available in over 25 metropolitan areas covering more than 75 million folks by the end of the month. In conjunction with the expansion, that means that T-Mobile’s webConnect Rocket USB modem will be available in the newly-upgraded markets, which include LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Tampa, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and New Orleans, among others. Interestingly, the carrier isn’t shying away at all on its questionably-truthful “4G speeds” talk despite some pooh-poohing from rivals, so we’ll have to see whether the claims hold up once the networks start to build up a little saturation. No KC 😦