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AppBrain main screen

After launching a new version of its website recently, AppBrain has brought many of the new sorting features to its Android app. In addition, AppBrain now has a social element so you can follow other users to quickly browse what apps they have installed. You can log in to Facebook to see if your friends use AppBrain (they should!) or browse by popular users. Also, you can share a link to your profile quickly via email, Twitter, SMS, and just about every other mode of communication on your phone. The free update is on the Market now.


Fresh off of their deal last month with Epix, Netflix has announced a new, long-term agreement with Nu Image/Millennium Films that will bring more first-run content to its streaming library. As the press release explains, “Nu Image and Millennium Films are best known for big budget action/thriller movies including: ‘The Expendables,’ ‘John Rambo,’ ‘Brooklyn’s Finest,’ ‘Righteous Kill,’ ‘16 Blocks’ and ‘Black Dahlia.’” The movies will be available to Netflix users during the “pay TV window” and will begin in to show up in early 2011.

Samsung looks to be taking a queue from Sony and People of Lava, in that there next interest with Android might be to start using the Google OS in their future TVs.  Currently, Samsung uses their own Bada operating system for their smart televisions, but seeing how fast the consumer is adopting Android, this may change.  Samsung has already sold over 1 million 3D TVs in the US Market, but it looks like 3D isn’t going to be the only selling point in the next generation TV market.

Bing for AndroidBing for Android

Microsoft unveiled its Bing search app for Android today. But if you want to get in on the action, you’re going to have to have a Verizon phone, as it’s exclusive to the carrier’s section of the Android Market. (Place your bets  on how quickly it leaks out, though.)

The app features a daily featured image, just like Bing on the desktop. And you can swipe through seven days’ worth of images. There’s an endless scrolling search, and you can swipe through image previews straight to the host site. Microsoft’s own voice search works with Android’s speech-to-text function, and you can use Bing Maps to find your way around, too.

Is the app a threat to Google’s native services on Android? We’ll have to see, though it’s doubtful, just because of the integration factor. and then there’s the issue of it only being available on Verizon, for now, anyway. [Bing]

A recent SEC filing seems to indicate that WiMax provider Clearwire is planning a new, pay-as-you-go cellular data service. The filing reads, Clearwire “plans to serve a new pay-as-you-go customer segment.” It’s unclear exactly what Clearwire has planned — if anything — but analysts speculate the move was prompted by MetroPCS’ impending entry into the pre-paid 4G market place. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has said that his company has considered offering pre-paid 4G data services, but has yet to make a move; Sprint is the majority owner of Clearwire. Clearwire’s network is resold by Best Buy, Comcast, Sprint, and Time Warner; it is unclear how this move will affect the services offered by those companies.

GPS recalls haven’t been nearly as common as some other battery-related recalls in recent years, but Garmin has now been hit with a fairly big one — it’s voluntarily recalling some 1.25 million nuvi units due to an overheating issue that could pose a fire hazard. The recall affects certain nuvi 200W, 250W260W, and 7xx models that use batteries from an unnamed third-party supplier and a specific PCB design, which Garmin says can “in rare circumstances, increase the possibility of overheating.” While there’s still been no reports of significant damage or injuries, Garmin is nonetheless advising anyone with an affected unit to stop using it immediately and return it for service — hit up the link below to check if your nuvi is included in the recall.

Lego Car!

Lego Car!

The Lego car looks fun and full of whimsy, sure, but like all Lego creations I can’t help but feel it had a few extra, yet important pieces lying around when the builder finished.

Apparently the car is the property of a tshirt store in the Philippines called Artwork. Beyond that, we know relatively little, aside from the car’s obviously limitless customization options.

Whereas AT&T’s move to tiered smartphone data pricing signaled “the end of unlimited” to some, Sprint subsidiary Virgin Mobile USA has just defied that notion with an all-you-can-eat broadband buffet priced at $40 per month. First reported by IntoMobile and confirmed today on the carrier’s Facebook page, the plan will replace existing $20, $40 and $60 monthly offerings that currently top out at just 5GB, so only those accustomed to paying $20 a month (for 300MB) won’t get a totally sweet deal. As you can see above, the $10 for 100MB over 10 days plan will still stay pat, so you can still choose whether to sip or gulp down Sprint network packets when the plans purportedly go into effect on August 24th.

Well the phone is coming officially on August 31st. Pre orders start tomorrow which is August 12. The price of the phone is $249.99 after an instant rebate and mail in rebate. I think i will pick me one up i like the Galaxy S phones. Please let me know what do you think ? Is this one going to be better then the EVO or not ?

Here is a video of the phone from sprint: