Our friends over at Android Police are working on getting their Detective badges in a post about the possible release date of the Sprint Epic 4G.  Using their formidable policing skills, the boys in blue have figured that we can deduce a launch date on the Epic from the date that Samsung is posting their videos about the different Galaxy S handsets from the different carriers.

Both the Vibrant and the Captivate had their videos released on launch day for both handsets. (The Vibrants original launch day was the 21st of July, but got moved to compete with the Droid X) So it stands to reason that the day the Epic video is going to be released could quite possibly be the day the Epic will drop on Sprint customers.

According to the Samsung site, the video talking about the Epic is going to release on August 20th, giving us a potential launch date if Samsung keeps to form with releasing the handset videos on launch day.

Sprint still has yet to announce an official launch date, so perhaps we will see an official announcement as we get closer to the 20th of August.  Hope you see your Epic handsets soon Sprint Android customers!