I got many of the ideas for torturing my brother as a kid from Looney Tunes. In several of the cartoons, the characters shot plungers from a bow and arrow at people who bothered them. I once stuck a plunger to my brother’s face and it actually did stick. He ended up with a huge purple hickey in a round shape on his face. Yes, it was used in case you are wondering.

This odd iPhone stand called the iPlunge Phone Stand brings back those fond memories. It looks like the plunger you would use to clear your toilet of a clog with a red suction cup and a wooden stick.

The idea is that the suction cup sticks the iPlunge to the back of the iPhone and you can stand it in portrait or landscape mode to watch video more comfortably. I can’t see why the thing wouldn’t work with any phone. It will ship in August for $5.99 (USD) over at Perpetual Kid.