IMG 0959 Review: Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2   Kart Racing King?


Crash Bandicoot returns to the iPhone in a kart in Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2. The game presents classic kart racing like the original, but with brand new courses, new modes, and updated graphics. The game is all about arcade racing where speed is king, plus you get the help of weapons to make your opponents stumble.
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There are 12 different tracks that are presented in groups of three in four different cups. As you complete the cups you unlock the course to play individually, plus you unlock new game modes and characters and cars. Game modes include mission, eliminator, time attack, arcade, collector, plus there is online multiplayer.
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The Good

The game is simple fun that only kart racing can provide where you never worry about the brakes, and it’s all about out maneuvering your opponents. Another good aspect is the absurdity and challenge of the courses so you never know what obstacle is around the corner. On top of that, if you fall behind you can use weapons to get back into it, and if you have the lead you can always lose it from opponent’s weapons.

The game is a definite step up from the original, but that isn’t saying much as it’s very poor quality by today’s game standards. The graphics are definitely good quality from the 3D environments to the various weapon animations. Each of the courses has its own unique soundtrack which fits the theme perfectly.
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The game features four different cups with a lot of variety between all of the twelve courses. On top of that there are a number of various game modes including online play though they all seem to meld together. There is solid content, but nothing special, and not much to keep you coming back.

The Bad

The game just doesn’t have the same hectic feel as a typical kart racer, and therefore becomes rather mundane. There never is really any challenge, and most races you have a gigantic lead out of weapons’ range. The game feels more like a stroll in the park than the usual sheer challenge of kart racing.
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Boredom ensues, and there is no real reason to replay any course or cup. You will make it through all four of the cups in no time, and the extra modes offer no real difference in terms of challenge giving you no urge to play them. The online multiplier could help, but it takes forever to connect.

There are only ever a few rooms open, and even when you join them, more often than not that group is in the middle of the race. You’ll spend way more time waiting to join an online race, than ever racing online. The controls don’t provide much customization leaving you with only automatic gas, and only a choice between tilt, and on screen wheel for steering.
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What makes matters worse is that the game costs $9.99, though it lacks the quality of many cheaper games. There isn’t much time to spend with this title, and there is practically no replay factor. The game is boring more than anything else, and just isn’t worth $10.

The Verdict

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 provides solid kart racing, but nowhere near the quality to charge $9.99 under current app store market conditions. The game lacks the fun no holds bar hecticness of typical kart racing, and instead gives you a rather boring drive. The game lacks incentive to keep playing as every race you will barely be challenged.

For $9.99 Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2 is not worth it, and there are many better ways to spend $10, and there are better kart racers for much cheaper.