Congratulations PSN, you are the first video game console to sell content from HBO. That means you can’t buy True BloodThe Sopranos or Rome on Xbox via Zune yet, but you already could on iTunes if you were willing to pay $3 per episode. Contrary to a few reports, that premium pricing doesn’t extend to the rest of HBO’s lineup which share their $2 per episode pricing with the SD versions of most TV shows on the PSN and elsewhere. It’s actually not a terrible price, with the season two DVDs of True Bloodavailable for $32 on Amazon buying all twelve episodes one by one will only cost an extra $4, and still let you avoid any that don’t feature your character of choice removing their shirt. the only sad part is that just like iTunes, there’s still no HD availability, so we hope you like 480p — and if you’re reading this site, you probably don’t. Hey Sony, make a big deal when you’ve negotiated some higher resolution or lower prices than what’s available elsewhere, and tell HBO to stop crowing to the Wall Street Journal about its ability to charge premium prices when it really isn’t — when you sell an episode of The Wire for the same price as the pilot for Bionic Woman that’s nothing to brag about.